The Biggest UK Live Shows Ever

It is happening more and more often that when a band hits the big time, tickets become like gold dust. With fans willing to pay over the odds to see certain bands and artists perform, touts and secondary selling sites are making a lot of money.

On occasion though a band will announce a tour that gives the vast majority of its fans the opportunity to get a ticket, whether that is by playing a number of shows or planning huge events it is great for the fans.

Here are some of the biggest gigs ever to have taken place in the UK. These are on such a huge scale that it can actually be difficult to comprehend but we will try to convey the magnitude.

Isle of Wight Festival

With 600,000 attending the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 it makes it the biggest concert to have taken place in the UK. The Who, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix’s last ever performance were just some of the highlights.


In the summer of ’96 Britpop was riding high and the king of that was Oasis. 2 sold out shows at Knebworth saw a combined audience of 250,000 and with over 2.6 million people applying for tickets it was the most demand for any concert in British history.

Robbie Williams

Knebworth saw another huge event in 2003 with Robbie Williams getting crowds of 375,000 over three days. The show also attracted millions of viewers online and on TV.

Led Zeppelin

The 1979 Knebworth Festival headlined by Led Zeppelin saw 200,000 fans attend over 2 days.


Queen were no strangers to huge concerts and in 1976 they played a free gig at Hyde Park, London that drew crowds upwards of 180,000.


Coldplay are one of those marmite bands, you love them or hate them. Regardless of your thoughts there is no denying that they could draw a crowd and their 2012 world tour saw them sell out three consecutive nights in London. A total of 173,000 saw them play across those three nights.

There are bigger gigs that have happened around the world but in the UK these are some of the biggest hitters to date. It might only be a matter of time though before we see someone embarks on a tour that shatters all these records but at the moment it is difficult to see who would do that at the moment.

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