The Rise of Pop Culture

In recent years the entertainment sector has had a huge boost with people showing a far bigger interest in everything that is encompassed under the umbrella of pop culture.

From music to cinema, TV to literature it all falls under the bracket and with the internet giving us access to all kinds of information it has furthered the spread of this phenomenon.

It goes without saying that these things have always been popular but the scale of which we see today is definitely something new. Pop culture and ‘geek’ culture can often go hand in hand when it comes to things like movies, you only have to look at the big releases in the last few years.

Both Marvel and DC have been duking it out to release the biggest movies with Batman, The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers franchises all being more popular than ever before.

Events like Comic Con’s have also seen a huge rise in popularity with events selling out and starting in areas that they had never been before.

Artists have capitalised on this with prints for all your favourite films available. There is a real market for this with some of the artists being asked to collaborate on official film posters as well.

Merchandise and ticket sales are the major driving points for the people behind the big movies that are coming through whereas TV is more about viewing figures. The greater the viewing figures the more advertising channels are likely to get. Shows appearing on streaming platforms are used to get people to sign up and pay for that service.

Streaming services are also helping make it easier for people to see the shows and movies they love so it is a great service that is really helping Pop Culture to continue to stride forward.

2018 looks set to continue in the same fashion with a great list of movies set for release. There will also be a number of events running throughout the year with San Diego Comic Con being the place to find out more about new releases.

It looks like Pop Culture is here to stay and it is up to the companies that sell the tickets and create the merchandise to make the most of that. There is a huge demand at the moment and the internet lets people from all over the world connect and shop so it really is a boom time.

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